Conference Agenda

Wednesday 25th October 2017, Royal Armouries, Leeds LS1O 1LT

09:30 - 10:50 Keynote Speakers

Chair, Phil Gibson, Chair, Innopsis

Patrick Clark, HSCN Programme Head, Migration, NHS Digital
HSCN update and overview and supplier compliance and mobilisation

Graham Hall, Migration Lead and John Matthews, HSCN Commercial Lead, NHS Digital

Ieuan Trigger, Category Director for Network Services, Crown Commercial Service

Ciaron Hoye, Head of Digital, Birmingham CrossCity CCG
HSCN, wires or opportunity?

Following a 30 minute refreshment break the day continues with a series of work sessions:

11:15 HSCN, shaping the future vision for Healthcare
Join Ciaron as he visualises his healthcare digital transformation plans across Birmingham and discusses the future possibilities that are now available through HSCN and which are set to transform health services

Ciaron Hoye, Head of Digital, Birmigham CrossCity CCG

11:40 A competitive market place: getting the best out of suppliers
NHS Digital has created a competitive market place for network services. Public and private health and social care organisations can benefit as competitive market places drive innovation in collaborations, functionality and costs.

HSCN suppliers come in various shapes and forms so in this session we look at how you can challenge suppliers so you can select the best fit for your organisation.

Tim Scott, Group Head of Commerical, AdEPT Telecom

12:05 A pragmatic approach to HSCN connectivity - we've done this before
As one of the first six providers to secure Stage 1 compliance as a CN-Sp for the new HSCN, we will share a pragmatic view of our journey to date: the challenges of achieving compliance, our approach to transitional and permanent peering arrangements, our journey to Stage 2 compliance and the way we think the healthcare market wants to consume HSCN services. We will also relate our real-world experiences with NHS National Services Scotland and with some of the early HSCN adopters in England.

Jeremy Wastie, Business Development Director, Updata Infrastructure
Gareth Ricketts, Healthcare Lead, Updata Infrastructure

12:30 Beyond the network
The creation of the Health and Social Care Network is designed to enable the closer integration of health and social care and the realisation of the Five Year Forward View for the NHS. Join Jason to find out our plans to support customers in the transition to the HSCN.

While transition is important, the adoption of new tools and services to accelerate the Whole System is vital. Jason will share his thoughts on how BT will deliver new products and services to make a step change in this area.

Jason Hall, Director of Health, BT

12:55 Q&A on preceding sessions

13:15 Lunch and networking

14:00 Full fibre infrastructure - the holy grail for health & social care transformation
Fibre is the ultimate way to provide next generation network infrastructure to all sectors, and a vital ingredient for an IoT-fuelled future. But, decades of underinvestment in the UK has left our country reliant on a Victorian-age infrastructure that is not only too slow, inefficient and expensive but which stifles the performance of the increasingly sophisticated health and social care solutions reliant upon it.

But changes are afoot. Alternative full-fibre infrastructure now lies beneath over 42 towns and cities across the UK. It can meet Health Sector innovation needs rapidly and is expanding to new cities at pace. Where this state-of-the-art network is being used, public services are being transformed by gigabit speeds. Ever-deepening economic and social benefits are also being felt by local communities and businesses.  

With opportunity for questions and discussion, this session will explore:

- The build model that makes this modern network cost-efficient and bale to serve gigabit speeds to all sectors
- How - through partnership with systems integrators and end-to-end service providers - the network is now more accessible than ever
- Transformational UK city projects already delivered and how legendary fibre performance is now fuelling IoT vision and saving money

Andy Nash, Head of Public Sector,
Martin Kemp, Public Sector Development, CityFibre

14:25 Transition: SMEs are a safe option
A key topic that all suppliers are being asked about is the transition from N3 to HSCN. This presentation looks at what preparations and planning is being carried out by NHS Digital and suppliers like MLL Telecom in order to make sure that patient safety is not compromised during the transition.

MLL has been involved with HSCN Supplier engagement since the start and has the story of how and why. Ian has been involved in the specification and deployment of network services and change programmes as a customer at Hampshire County Council, a member of the PSN Programme team and most recently delivered network services to the Public Sector. He brings this insight to the presentation as he has witnessed the agility and flexibility that SMEs can offer in adapting and reacting to major new initiatives.

Particular emphasis will be on business and operational aspects surrounding the NOC and wider service management where SMEs are well suited to adapt and react to the challenges a new programme throws up.

Neil Woolerton, Director of Client Management, MLL Telecom

14:50 Q&A on preceding sessions

15:00 Refreshments and networking

15:25 Can HSCN support the NHS to move to an 'as a service' model end to end?
Looking back at the change that have occurred over the last five years in the wider technology market and how they should influence HSCN, in the way it is purchased and used.

An overview of how a supplier can transition your organisation to a full consumption model (per user, per month) for the LAN, WAN, HSCN connectivity and the applications you require to support your needs. To close the session we will also address the stepping stones to take you to your HSCN connectivity - quoted, ordered and installed

David Joplin, Director and HSCN Lead, Convergence Group

Jason Peach, Senior Presales Consultant, Convergence Group

15:50 Managing a digital transformation
Within this presentation we will attempt to share experiences and challenges that many of our healthcare customers are facing on a day to day basis. Often the term 'management' focuses purely on managing technology however, within the management hierarchy of many organisations there are many different challenges to understanding current risks to business and optimal use of resources. This presentation explores those challenges and understands the questions that are raised. It will also offer advice on areas of focus that many organisations are identifying through assessment and evaluation of risk with relevance to the NHS.

Henry Batten, UK&I Enhanced Technology, Fortinet

16:15 - 16:45 Panel debate and Q&A
An expert panel from public and private organisations discuss topics raised from the conference and answer questions put by the delegate audience

Chair, Phil Gibson, Chair, Innopsis
Patrick Clark, HSCN Programme Head, NHS Digital
Tim Scott, Group Head of Commercial, AdEPT Telecom
Mark Hall, Chief Assurance Officer, Redcentric

16:45 Conference close

Speakers, agenda and times may be subject to change